There is such a delightful variety of shows/ concerts coming to Lubbock in 2024 that it's almost overwhelming. I hope you don't have to agonize too much over which shows you attend, assuming you can't attend all of them. Remember, winners never quit!

For me, there are some obvious, must-see acts coming to Lubbock, and high among their ranks is... Nekrogoblikon. I am so freaking excited. I am absolutely, 100% going, the fact that it's on a school night shall not deter me.

Nekrogoblikon is a melodic metal band with both "clean" and "harsh" vocals, a forward synth to their sound, and perhaps most importantly, a goblin. From the Wikipedia page:

The band's music centers on goblins.


Is proof in the goblin for you?  Check out this music video. If this doesn't win you over, I'm not sure we'll ever quite understand each other.

Nekrogoblin is gracing Lubbock with their presence on Tuesday, May 14th, after performing several dates with big names in metal- like Dethklock (from Metalocalypse) and Baby Metal.

Joining Nekrogoblikon at Jake's Backroom is support from Hunt The Dinosaur, Immortal Guardian, and a band I will certainly buy a T-shirt from: Squidpisser. I can't wait to wear it to work.

Jake's is a great space for an intimate music experience, with the only drawback being the very real possibility of a sold-out show. So, like I always say, buy your tickets as soon as you know you want to go and you have the dollars to do so. Tickets are available online and at Ralph's Records on 82nd & Indiana.

IF tickets are available at the door, they'll be a few bucks more. I can't wait to see you, and the goblin, there.

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