Nerdy Not Dirty makes truly awesome bath bombs. The attention to detail and the vivid colors make them mesmerizing. Add that to her fun shapes -- everything from Buddy Holly style glasses to The Flash -- makes them a perfect gift. (And you can always treat yourself, of course.)

Nerdy Not Dirty will be at Chicago Station Market Days (5507 126th Street) on Saturday, August 24th. Or you can always give her a follow and order directly from her.

About Nerdy Not Dirty:

Hi, I’m Lindsae! I started this crazy bath and body adventure in the Summer of 2017 when I realized our city lacked unique, handmade bath bombs. I am slowly adding in more bath products, such as bubble bars and shower steamers. Everything you see here has been handcrafted and hand painted with the utmost care by me! My goal is to continue giving you wonderful West Texans fun, skin loving products that are easily available to you!

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