With all the new seafood restaurants opening in Lubbock lately, you'd think someone moved the ocean closer to us. That's not the case, but I don't see anyone complaining about more delicious seafood. We have been deprived for too long.

The Cajun seafood chain, Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood and Bar, is coming to Lubbock, and by the looks of it, we will all be wearing bibs and eating seafood boils together soon enough.

I glanced at their website and it looks like patrons get a chance to shake up their various different menu items in a bag, right at their table, with their desired amount of hot sauce.

Very cool. A little weird, but I'm all about it.

I've been driving past the building wondering when we will get to get in there and stuff our faces. There's not currently an opening date, but the signs on the building are up, so it looks like it's getting close. The restaurant will be located at 6201 Slide Road in the old Genghis Grill. That restaurant closed for good in June 2019.

Photos online portray a fun, messy, and delicious dinner to share with your friends and family over a few beers. I can't speak for the Lubbock location specifically, but the others online boast an array of HDTVs for you to enjoy your favorite sports on. Now instead of eating hot wings during college football games, you can get down on some treats from the sea.

Oysters, muscles, snow crab, calamari. You name it, they got it. They also have a delicious salad menu and various sandwiches and sliders to choose from. Basically, all of the delicious bar-style seafood that we just haven't had enough of in town until now.

It will be interesting to see the rivalry between Hook & Reel and the recently opened The Catch. They have different styles, but both restaurants look like a damn good time. If you check them out, let me know. I'd love to hear about your experience. You can comment below or on our Facebook page.

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