This is an insanely huge collection of pictures from this annual event.

Our best guess is there were well over a thousand kids at this year's event. The parents and kids formed a huge line that went well into the parking lot and finally into the midway at Nightmare On 19th Street.

The idea for this event actually germinated on The RockShow at a time when there weren't many events of this type. We always keep it under wraps until the last minute because it's already almost too big for us to handle.

We were assisted in this effort by our friends at United Supermarkets,  Blue Bell Ice Cream, Malicious Moparz Car Club, our Nightmare vendors, and actors, and we cannot thank them enough.

So, did you think I was going to bring you "highlights" of the event? The answer is "nope", because I could not edit out any kid that shared this fun with us. I instructed our photographer to get EVERY kid, so here are hundreds of pictures of the group's trick or treating.

One last thing, see if you can spot my two favorites which included the dinosaur in the electrified cage and the "Tiny Tiffany" from Chucky/Child's Play.

Nightmare Little Kids Trick Or Treat

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