Why anyone would stick up for a Hollywood dumb-dumb is beyond me.

I don't know what you do for a living, but let's say you're an employee at a store. You do a good enough job that you may be on the way to be an assistant manager or manager someday. There's one problem: every day you go home and you tweet out how bad and evil some of the customers are. How long do you think it would be before someone screenshot your comments and sent them to your boss?

If you're unaware, former MMA star Gina Carano has been an online troll for a long time, and her recent tweets resulted in her official separation from The Mandalorian. Even worse, some of those tweets made fun of transgender people and the star of the show, Pedro Pascal, has a transgender sister.  Think about that. Disney had someone that not only was making them look bad, but had the capacity for pissing off the actual star of the show.

Now here's the big twist. When researching this post, one of the first stories to come up was from three months ago. Any time during those three months, she could have knocked her nonsense off, but she chose not to.

Let's take things one step further. Apparently, Carano was not fired by Disney; she just wasn't included in their plans going forward. There's a flip-side to this, too. Imagine the outcry if Disney had ignored her behavior, then signed a new contract with her.

So don't give me any BS about current PC "cancel culture." Disney has always tried to keep a clean image. One of their employees wouldn't stop their controversial behavior, and it could have caused problems with their flagship series. Since her role wasn't even close to essential to the show, it was 'see ya, bye-bye.'

If you think an employee at your place of employment wouldn't have been fired if something like this cropped up three months ago, you'd be lying.

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