There's a world of horror and action/horror out there that you might be inclined to try right now.

I am so proud of you guys for watching "Squid Games". The American attitude used to be, "If it's so good, I'll wait until they make an American one". Squid Games proved that a good story can overcome any language barrier.

I while back I delved into some of the Korean and Japanese horror on Netflx and the movies were incredible. I picked six that I think you'll enjoy.

  • 1

    Train to Busan

    Train to Busan is simply the best zombie movie ever made. I watched it in the original Korean and without subtitles, and the acting and action were so good that I had no problem following it and loving it. It's spawned a semi-sequel called Peninsula that I've yet to catch.

  • 2

    Cold Fish

    This movie is creepy as hell and based on real events. Two tropical fish salesmen go into business together and stuff just spins crazy and out of control resulting in murder(s).

  • 3

    Old Boy

    This movie is so good that it generated an American remake. The American remake is so bad. Just watch the original. There's no language barrier when you know the setup: a guy is kidnapped and kept in a small room for 15 years, then, without explanation, he's let out and tries to figure out what the hell just happened.

  • 4


    A man holds a fake audition to find a wife and instead he finds a psycho. Dismemberment, torture, and other fun things are all on display in Audition, and on one level you'll say, 'well, he did kind of deserve it.'

  • 5

    I Saw the Devil

    A man's fiancee is killed by a serial killer and he sets out for revenge. This movie is absolutely brutal and features so much ultraviolence it had to be cut down for release. You'll be saying, 'you should have killed him the first time' over and over again.

  • 6


    This is just an extremely well-made zombie movie about a guy stuck in a high-rise apartment. That's all you really need to know going in. His frustration and attempts to escape are again relatable in any language.

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