Well, this is a fine kettle of fish. Evidently, I was one of the first on a bit of a crime scene.

My apologies to LPD if you find some size 12 boot prints on this scene (I guess you can see from the lack of damage on my truck it wasn't me, but it's okay if you want to talk).

It never occurred to me that I might be the first to see this until after I was done checking it out.

First off, it appears I had things COMPLETELY wrong in the video. It looks like they came from the street and drove into the school grounds. I spotted this particular mess on Sunday at about 2:30, so it's my guess that one of our graduates had a little too much fun.

There's debris slung the entire way back out to the parking lot where I started the video. I hope everybody is okay. It's a dang good thing that nobody (most likely) was waiting in that bus stop. Otherwise, this would have been a complete tragedy.

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