Last year I told y'all about the amazing Santa's Castle and what they do for the community. This week we got some really sad news about them.

This was something a lot of people looked forward to every year. It was started by a family here in Lubbock that wanted to put on a free event for the entire community every weekend in December.

They started it to help others be able to do something fun without having to spend money. They did ask for canned food items or cash donations to give back to others. This event put a lot of smiles on people's faces and helped a lot of families in need.

But it looks like it is gone for good. They posted the sad news on October 26th, 2022 that they will not be opening back up.

"We regret to inform the Lubbock community that Santa’s Castle will not be returning this year. Unfortunately, we just do not have the hands or the space to keep up with the event. Our family has greatly enjoyed our years with Santa’s Castle open and we wish you all a very merry Christmas," said their Facebook post.

Maybe hopefully someone else can step up and help or they can come back next year but it won't be happening for 2022.

Even though this event will be canceled there is still a lot to be merry about and fun events to do here in Lubbock there will just be one less one. But this is just a reminder, that the holidays are still here for giving back to others and sharing the holiday spirit.

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