It's okay, we won't make you.

A new survey shows about 50 percent of the respondents either would not or aren't sure they would get a coronavirus vaccination if it became available. Okay, this is the point where my empathy goes out the window.

I understand there are some concerns about possible side effects of a new vaccination, but this is kind of ridiculous. It would be great if enough people would get vaccinated to create some herd immunity, but that kind of solidarity seems to be a thing of the past.

Myself, I just want the most vulnerable in our population to have a fighting chance. Once the elderly, special needs people, and folks who have conditions like COPD and asthma are vaccinated, then I'm good.

And by "good," I mean, if you really want to roll the dice with your life, then that's on you. If you are dead set on proving whatever point you want to prove, then have at it. I am completely down with letting nature take its course if that's what you want. In the meantime, it's downright unamerican to put the lives of your fellow citizens at risk.

Please mask up and keep your distance until we can get the innocent and vulnerable protected.

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