Can you believe it? Optimus Prime got himself into some trouble for auto theft the other day in Austin, Texas. And, no, it's not THAT Optimus Prime. The person arrested wasn't an Autobot at all.  It was a man named "Optimus Prime Blakely", and he was caught in Austin.

Travis County Sheriff's Office
Travis County Sheriff's Office

Blakely has been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. According to a story published by FOX News, he was stopped by police on June 4th after being spotted driving a stolen car down Congress Ave near Radam Lane.

There was no indication as to whether or not the man changed his name to Optimus Prime, or if he was named after the 1980s cartoon that later became a massive movie empire with films starring names like Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, and Mark Wahlberg.

All I know is that the real Optimus Prime probably wouldn't go to jail for car theft. It seems against his code of ethics.

Blakely is being held on an $8000 bond at Travis County Jail.

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