I want to point out that when it came time to get Texas back on track, all Texas Republicans voted no.

Around 35 billion dollars will be spent fixing roads and bridges, expanding broadband internet access, laying new pipes, and improving our infrastructure in other ways.

That 35 billion will go a long way towards improving the life of Texans and even better, it will pay the salary of Texans who do the work fixing these things and implementing these solutions.

Jodey Arrington was one of the more vocal of the Republicans who all voted against the bill, calling it "irresponsible". I've noticed that people like Arrington are big on political statements but low on ideas. It almost doesn't seem fair that these people can trash all these funds flooding into the Lone Star State.

If you take a look around, we need the repairs. We also need the jobs. Playing partisan politics when there's a chance to improve the lives of ordinary Texans should not be a thing. The correct answer to something like this isn't "no", it's "thank you".

If you really want to show how irresponsible this is, then turn the money down. Just say "no". Figure out another way for Texans to fix our bridges and employ our workers. If you personally object to this plan, stand up to your principals and don't take these jobs and or drive on the nice highways. The rest of us are more than happy to take advantage of this plan and thank those that got behind it.

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