No fella, you didn't do your "research".

Pity the dumb ones who think looking at a couple of web sites constitutes doing "research".  I understand that you feel like a detective because you found some supporting websites and a YouTube video. That might be like dipping the tiny, tiny, tiny tip of your toe in the water, but it's not "research".  Here's the definition of research:

"the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions"

Here's where the people who claim to have done research have gone wrong-they never looked for facts to "reach new conclusions". The type of person that claims to have done research these days is usually someone who found a couple of (usually WAY sketchy) internet sites to support whatever they conclusion they started with. In other words, they spend NO time looking for other explanations or trying to figure out why what they believe may indeed be two shovels full of bull-hockey.

*Careful, below is a little risque*

I illustrated this point the other day on the air with the claim that "people like to have celery in their butts".  I can EASILY find you ten pictures, websites, and videos where people clearly enjoy having celery in their rears. If you don't believe this to be true, I'm just going to yell "sheeple" at you and label you as part of the anti-celery in the butt conspiracy. Now, do you think I did my "research" or did I just look at a bunch of fringe websites and make some conclusions bases on that?

There are two billion websites on the internet.  There are over 2.6 billion Facebook accounts. There are over five billion YouTube videos. Not only does this mean that you can find garbage to support garbage easily, it means that just by checking out even a dozen sites and/or videos your "research" is also ridiculous. Let's take this further. Imagine about two dozen five-gallon buckets of sand. That's (very) roughly two billion grains of sand. You picked up a dozen grains and claim that that's all you need to see.

So no. You didn't do your "research".

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