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Sometimes, it just isn't meant to be. 94.5 FMX asked listeners to share the pettiest reason they rejected someone, and holy hell, you guys are BRUTAL. Check it out:


"One dude I dated WAY back in the day use to have this weird condition where his upper lip would sweat profusely. One kiss and that was it.  He kept dabbing his mouth when we were out eating so I initially thought he was just a tidy guy. Until that disgusting kiss…" - Zephyr Jōbb

"Earwax freaked me out once. I'm not that shallow anymore." - Felipe Raymundo Garcia

"Snoring... is that petty? I need my sleep." - Jordan McEwen

"I broke up with a girl because she bought me a Lacoste shirt. I was Metal and she was a preppy rich girl... We were teenagers back then and I would probably wear one today." - Sergio Canales

"She only listened to pop-country." - Jared Baxter Sims

"A small patch of dark hair at the small of her back. None anywhere else in any unusual location. Just there. Couldn't handle it." - Rob Douglas

"I dated a ventriloquist for a few months. During cuddling or sex, she would always say crazy things in the 3rd person with her mouth closed and it came from behind me like she was trying to be a film director or something telling me what to do." - J Curtis Henderson III (This was definitely the favorite at FMX. Oh my god. HA!)

"We connected in every way, except they just weren’t very good looking and I’m shallow." - Katie Thompson

"I dated a guy who kept A TRUNK LOAD of t-shirts in his car and changed his shirts every time he got out of the car because he didn't like to be sweaty... it was then that I realized I was too much of a bruh girl for this guy." - Ktn Zee

"He had 1 ball." - Janel Anderson

"She smelled like Doritos." - Luciano Mata

"I left a girl with the tab on a second date because she ordered a salad, and then proceeded to eat most of my plate. That crap is infuriating." - Wes Cochran

"I walked out on a date because his shoes didn’t match his outfit." - Lesle Armendarez

"Looked like my ex. Straight up Usher U Remind Me." - Leah Malinowski

"Another one constantly said "irregardless" and I just fucking can't." - Kyle Bachman

"I could not bring myself to date a guy because he wore ugly Vibram toe shoes everywhere with every outfit." - Melanie Chaffin

"She had really long fingernails and I doubt she could wipe well." - Matt Villegas

"I broke up with a guy for having a weenie dog. They are abominations." - Scarlet Snicklefritz

"Avid flat earther... I'm out!" - Luke Price

"He called me Kansas." - Kandace Manley

"I've broken up with a girl for not liking Jimi Hendrix..." - Matt Morgan

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