Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm thrilled to go out of town to a casino with my boyfriend. I have a few slot machines that I love to play whenever I get to go to another state where gambling is actually legal.

When I lived up in Minnesota, my friends and I loved to hit up the casino a couple of times a month to have a few drinks, blow 20 bucks, and maybe get lucky. Unfortunately, that's not the case in Texas.

Lottery tickets are basically the same thing as gambling at a casino, so it doesn't make a ton of sense that we don't have real casinos and legal gambling. In Texas, we just have extra sketchy game rooms that bend the rules to legally allow slot machines. They are notorious places for robberies and drug activity, and are not typically a place to take your lady out on a date.

I asked my friends what they thought about whether or not gambling should be legal across the board in Texas, and it was a nearly unanimous 'yes.' Several people also added that they believe marijuana should be legalized as well.

Here's your chance to vote on whether or not you think gambling should be legalized in Texas. We will be sharing the results of our poll on air this week on The RockShow, as well as any of your reasons we should all be able to play poker together in harmony. Please comment below or on our Facebook page what you think about gambling being legalized. And...go!


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