Who's ready to rock?

Pop Evil return to Jake's Backroom in Lubbock with another handful of hits under their belt. I was just going through their song list and it's stunning at this point. Just try to hum these in your head at this point: "Work," "Breathe Again," "Be Legendary," "Waking Lions," "If Only for Now," "Ways to Get High," "Trenches," "Torn to Pieces," "Footsteps," "Deal With the Devil," Beautiful," "Purple," Hero," "Monster You Made," "Last Man Standing," "100 in a 55," and I'm certain I'm missing a couple. That's a bucketload of great tunes.

Opening the show is a hot new act that we've featured on the last couple of Loudwire Weekends by the name of Zero 9:36 (the song we've been playing is called "Adrenaline"). Brkn Love will serve as openers.

You can also sign up for a gang-up with four tickets to the show right here.

The rock shows are back, guys, and I encourage you to take advantage of each and every one of them. It won't be long before the megafestivals will come in and scoop up all of these acts, so get your rock on now.

The second bonus to that is, the megafestivals rarely let bands like this stretch out for a full set, so come see them before someone forces them to boil their show down to a short greatest hits-type presentation. Lastly, you just can't get as close to the bands at the festivals as you can at good ol' Jake's. Rock on!

Pop Evil
Pop Evil

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