I just saw a sponsored post come across my Facebook feed for the proposed Lubbock Expo Center. Upon drilling down to their Facebook page, I saw something that put a little burr under my saddle, and that's the idea that "concerts" would take place at this facility.

The proposed Expo center would supposedly be paid for with an increased hotel/motel tax. So theoretically, visitors to Lubbock would pay for the construction and maintenance of the facility. It kind of sounds too good to be true...because it probably is.

One slight downturn in occupancy rates, and we're on the hook for the cash. Or at least it looks that way.

At the heart of this issue is the ABC Rodeo, which I truly believe is a worthwhile event that deserves to continue. I'm just not sure all the questions have been answered about this possible venue.

First off, why not just use the Fair Park Coliseum? Wasn't this kind of why it was built? Aren't there adjacent places to keep animals and everything else you might need already there?

Second, what's this nonsense about "concerts"? The page pitches concerts that "don't fill up United Supermarkets Arena but are too big for the Civic Center." Why would the city put itself in direct competition with the South Plains Fair, The Lone Star Events Center and others? I find it incredibly odd that people who seem so concerned about "socialism" think socializing our entertainment scene is just fine. Heck, the whole post is deceptive, saying the place won't compete with other local facilities, because it sure as hell will. (Maybe not the city-owned ones, but certainly the privately held ones.)

We need a solution for our friends with the ABC Rodeo and for fans of other rodeo events, but let's not start the process for finding a solution on where to watch the bulls start with actual bullshit.

Disclaimer: I lease land belonging to the Lone Star Event Center. I don't really see how it benefits me either way, but I wanted to be upfront. 

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