I love dispelling myths and rumors, especially when it comes to my love and livelyhood: radio!  I've been a fan of the radio ever since I could turn one on.  I'm one of those guys who will tell you radio saved his life.  Radio in general and rock specifically got me through bad times, bad girlfriends and took me out of my sh@tty little life more than a few times.  More after the jump.

If you listened to t.v., newspaper or even digital reports, they would tell you that radio is on the way out. Now the reason they tell you this is because we all compete for the same ad dollars.  What they won't tell you is a recent study showed that radios audience in general grew by over a half million people last year with some of the biggest growth among, get this, younger people.  Yep, the I-Pod generation is turning the radio on.  Radio in general also reaches 93% of the U.S. population.  Now all of this is a bit self serving, but the fact of the matter is, if I wasn't on the radio, I'd still be listening to it.  Radio is community, friends and family and I always want those things here for me.

How about you turn up the radio right now?