I am a huge fan of Survivor, but to be honest I spend more time thinking about what is going on, rather than watching what's going on. I think everyone can learn lessons from the show.

On Survivor, loyalty is valued above all else. I too value loyalty greatly. Even honesty is overrated compared to loyalty in my world. Someone who will stick by you is more important than pretty much anything.  This all brings me to events that unfolded over the last few months.

A tiny "radio station" sprung up (it's actually a t.v. station audio channel that overlaps on the f.m. band). That station made a play for a very narrow segment of our audience and for local bands. It was amazing to me how many local music types just bailed on a radio station that has always been here for them. Sure it was only a couple dozen, but when it's a couple dozen of people who you thought were your friends, it tends to tick you off.

So here's the situation now-how can we ever trust any of those people and bands again? Now we know just who will throw us under the bus in a moments notice. And it's worse than that for the two-faced people who bailed, just like Survivor, once you switch sides, no side will ever trust you again.

FMX has always been more than a radio station to me, it's been a family and I try to always treat listeners as such. I appreciate those of your who have stuck with us through thick and thin.

The other radio station has now joined the long list of radio stations that couldn't compete against FMX and has switched formats. Whenever we put a station out of business I try to be cordial and welcome back the listeners that drifted, but this time the best sentiment I can muster is "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET SH@THEADS!"

Sorry. My blog. My feelings.