why radio rules!
There’s a part of the movie “Joe Dirt” where he’s talking about looking up at the moon and hoping that his parents are looking at the same moon.  That is the beauty of radio to me.  Radio allows you to be alone and with a group all at the same time. It allows you to be a part of a group that can’t m…
Listen To FMX On The Phone-We Have An App For That
You can get FMX and about 220 other radio stations for free on Radiopup. You can stream FMX anywhere you go with this handy dandy little ap. If you're rockin' an IPhone or Android you can add all these radio stations to your phone for free. More after the jump.
Riding Radio’s Jock
It's funny, ever since someone put pictures to sound radio started getting second class treatment.  It's the same now that there are other options out there like the internet and satellite, but when the squeeze is on, they all come back to radio.  The truth is, more people are listening longer to ra…
Radio Isn’t Going Anywhere
I love dispelling myths and rumors, especially when it comes to my love and livelyhood: radio!  I've been a fan of the radio ever since I could turn one on.  I'm one of those guys who will tell you radio saved his life.  Radio in general and rock specifically got me through …
Lessons Learned From Survivor
I am a huge fan of Survivor, but to be honest I spend more time thinking about what is going on, rather than watching what's going on. I think everyone can learn lessons from the show.
Internet Radio Just Sounds Bad
I've fiddled with the various online music delivery services and something is just plain missing. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. There is a lack of energy or excitement or something.
Kill Public Radio & TV
The U.S. has a budget crisis. Money must be saved. Public radio and t.v. have far outlived their usefulness. Read more after the break.