Public t.v. and radio were designed to provide educational programing and "alternative" points of view. Welcome to the New World guys, where you can have any educational opportunity or alternative point of view via the internet. Terrestrial programming is EXPENSIVE and only the strong survive. With the internet, ANYONE can broadcast any point of view or programming. Why should any tax dollars go toward the programming of classical music when there are so many free services on the web? Why should any dollars even go to educational programming when there are so many choices for your children online and even on air? Your answer may be so that persons who can't afford internet or cable can have educational opportunities My answer is that is it would be easier and cheaper to provide internet options for those people than to fund radio and t.v. stations. There is also the good old American rule of supply and demand. Trust me, if they didn't have to compete with public funded stations, broadcast stations would develop more educational programming. It's time to quite funneling money to public radio and t.v., then the frequencies for these stations can be auctioned off to broadcasters to raise money.

Congress is already working on defunding public radio. For once they are getting something right.