It's funny, ever since someone put pictures to sound radio started getting second class treatment.  It's the same now that there are other options out there like the internet and satellite, but when the squeeze is on, they all come back to radio.  The truth is, more people are listening longer to radio than ever before.  SOME get it through the internet now, but they still count on radio stations to deliver the content.  What bothers me is the people who think they can do the job 'one better' than radio, then jump on our jocks.  More after the jump.


Now the setup for this blog kind of takes you to another place.  I've noticed that some business folks and promoters are making quite of a habit of posting their events or even their listing of events on our website.  Now, we aren't against the small businessman making a buck, but when you go and sell an entertainment listing, or your website which has entertainment listings, you should deliver on your own.  In other words, you don't get to sell something to FMX listeners unless you work for FMX.  Personally I would be embarrassed if my product was so weak I had to try to leech off a big dog.  Then there are the promoters who put their shows on our site.  If you're in a band and you need a hand, we're there for you, to a point, and you can personally post your stuff.  Then again, you have to remember we have advertisers who buy legitimate commercials to tell you about the bands they are investing their hard earned money on so your free listing on our page may be deleted if there is a conflict.

Next there is the fact that we try to keep commercial content as low as we can both on-air and online.  You end up making our product less pleasurable and focused when you muddy it up with your stuff.  I'm not going to be able to keep people coming back to my site for the great content if you're treating the page like an overly flyered telephone pole downtown.

Let's spell this out a bit differently.  A guy tells me he can fix my car for $20. He then goes to YOUR shop, and grabs your tools to make his $20.  Not only did he take the potential first $20 from you, he kept you from making $20 because he had your tools.

So, if you're in a band or a drama troupe or something and you have an event you'd like to post, please do. If you're a promoter or a venue or a service of some sort, behave like a grown up businessperson and contact our sales department.

Lastly, if you want to sell advertising on FMX's page or on-air, come by.  We're always looking for great salespeople.