In a time of shrinking staffs and generic hosts, our company is proudly behind new, live and loud radio in Lubbock Texas.  More details after the break.

There's a problem with "cool jobs" and that problem is, a lot of people will do it for next to nothing.  Some radio operators look at those people as "good enough".  Our company, Townsquare Broadcasting, believes it takes good people to make good radio and is willing to invest in the product that you consume.  With that little bit of praise out of the way, get read for "The Wrecking Yard".

"The Wrecking Yard" is the new, nightly, live show hosted by Rooster. We're going to focus on YOU, with great features, requests and anything else we can do to get you to do to turn off the t.v. and turn up the radio.  Some of the features we have planned are the 9:06 Local Lix, the return of Mandatory Metallica to nights (six nights a week), live Tuesday requests, the Wednesday night Cock Fight", Three-Fer Thursdays, Dirty Dicks Pole Dancing Picks, and the return of "Open Bar Saturday Night".  Rooster will also be hitting the hottest events and parties and keeping you up to date on Facebook and Twitter in real time.

We loved Lou Brutus and we thank him for providing us an excellent show, but the chance to have a live d.j. that can respond to what is going on in this town and your needs is absolutely the best way to go.  "Good enough for Lubbock" isn't "good enough' for us.  We've always wanted to compete on a world-wide scale and the internet allows us to do that.  Let's your friends, family and fellow rockers know that Lubbock Texas is rocking 24-7!  I hope you guys will tune in and turn it up.  We are going to rock this town!