If you're a fan of the First Friday Art Trail, tonight will be a great night to make sure you check out Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment. Not only will they feature some amazing local musicians, food and incredible art, but the event is BYOB so, we're going to have a damn good time.

Jme Brock is one of the most prolific artists in Lubbock, known for his uncanny ability to create some amazing pop art, and he will be the featured artist tonight.

Jme Brock
Jme Brock

He has also invited several local businesses that feature handmaid items to set up at the show, so there will be no shortage of awesome knick-knacks available for sale as well: candles, soap, witchy things, jewelry and more.

The Farm to Fork of Lubbock food truck will be there serving up the best food in town. Unfortunately, The Gods Have Failed had to cancel the event at the last second, but that won't stop the party.

Pop Art By Jme Brock

Jme told 94.5 FMX:

"The reason I’m doing this at Raider's Axe Gallery is that while I am very happy Lubbock is doing the art trail and this place is technically on FFAT, they are so off the beaten path that I don’t want them to fall into the same category as the art that’s going on closer to Lucha. I wanted a place for real ****ing weird s***...One of the vendors is coming in from Dallas with a ton of cool vintage original concert posters from all over. Some autographed by the bands they were on tour with as he travelled tour managing and stage handling for bands such as rev Horton Heat, Supersuckers, Bowling For Soup, and The Dwarves. "

That's exactly what you will find there tonight. It won't be the typical landscapes and pottery. This is a different stroke for different folks.

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Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment is an awesome local axe throwing spot that has been gaining even more interest by featuring comedic performances and music. They're also working toward a splatter paint room where guests can come and create their own art pieces without the mess at home.

The vibes in that place are dope. I had a really fun art show of my own there a few months ago and I just can't wait to see all of the incredible things Jme will be bringing to the table for us to admire. Don't forget your wallets!

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