Now that the blink-182 show is over, I wanted to put this out there. You see, if I did it beforehand, I think people would have thought my motives were suspect.

blink-182 Live in Lubbock, Texas
Justin Massoud, KFMX

I saw the Rolling Stones at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas in 1994. Most of the show took place in the rain. Everything was perfect. In fact, I found a story in which the show was called one of the best stadium shows the writer had ever seen. Some people couldn't handle the rain, but the ones who did all seemed to be a part of a larger experience.  You see we all avoid human contact to an extent. It's not like we're all going to hold hands and sing the songs together. The rain replaces that touch, as in we're all getting rained on, we're all a little uncomfortable but we're all hardcore and determined to stay there for the love of music.  It goes further too, Keith Richards played a large part of the show with a towel on his head because he was being rained on by the same cloud as me (I guess at this point I should tell you that were no drugs involved in this experience).

So, rain, yeah. There's no way we'd want it to happen, but if it does, it can take things to another level.  Tuesday night 5000+ fans overcame rain, wind, lightning, hail, parking and who knows what else to see a live rock band and they all joined together. That's rock and roll.

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