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Raspados Colima (2203 Clovis Rd) is opening a 2nd location in Lubbock, according to their Facebook post. Their new location is at 1308 50th Street and will open this weekend. For now, the hours will be the same as their Clovis location, Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. And the new location will have Carne Asada fries! That's been a favorite of mine since I first tried them in Southern California, where they are a staple.


Raspados Colima is incredible. There's usually a line out the door and for good reason- the food is fresh, delicious, affordable, and with a ton of variety. Tortas, burritos, and tons of Mexican street food like corn cups and frutas are available. It is impossible to order "wrong" as everything is a total treat. Any one of their tacos are a must-try, but my favorite is the Al Pastor. And the drinks are even more diverse, from Aqua Frescas to their crema drinks, and of course, the raspados for which they are named.

Going to the Clovis location you'll notice the line is full of tech students in sweats and large sunglasses, and that's because this miracle food was sent from the party gods to cure any hangover. I am very excited for this more central Lubbock location because it happens to be more convenient to where I live, but I am way more thrilled for it because these folks more than deserve their success. They are seriously kind and sweet people who craft absolutely magical food.

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