This could very well be game-changing for Texas Tech.

It's being reported that Texas Tech is talking with Addidas about making the Red Raiders the flagship team for their Patrick Mahomes line. This could have some pretty amazing implications.

As it says in the post from "GunsUpUpdates", "think of what (Micheal) Jordan is to Nike.  Right now there is no quarterback in the NFL who is more talked about and high profile than Patrick Mahomes. Yes, there are some grizzled vets and some young upstarts, but right now Mahomes is in that pocket where popularity and performance meet and there are a lot of people looking to capitalize on it.

All of this could be blown sky-high with one little objection; apparently Under Armor has the right to match any offer that Addidas puts on the table. This is a little bit of a heartbreaker because, for reasons I don't quite understand, a lot of the Tech faithful spend a lot of time online unhappy with Tech's relationship with Under Armor.

Putting the Mahomes name/brand alongside Texas Tech is already a winner for us and if the team up puts out some quality and/or stylish gear that folks are checking out and talking about elevates Texas Tech to another level. Think about this, Texas has the Nike swoosh on their Jerseys but there's no real reason for anybody to discuss a symbol a lot of teams have.  The introduction of Mahomes associating with Addidas will be on everyone's lips.

So what about Addidas? Well, I'm a bit biased towards them because of their association with the bands KoRn and Run DMC. I like the fact that they have athletics AND music in their DNA.

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