Senator Charles Perry's focus on transgender individuals is bizarre.

What else would you call someone who is behind two bills affecting the rights of transgender individuals?  Perry's focus is just plain weird. Then again, this appears to be what politicians do; when they can't fix real problems, they try to throw some red meat to their base.

Our state and national individuals have failed us. They could not keep the lights on during a snowstorm and were completely ineffective in recovery efforts. Almost 50,000 Texans have died due to COVID and when resources were needed they sat on their thumbs.

So what does Charles Perry do? He issues two "hey, look over here" bills punching down at trans persons. One bill classifies gender-affirming medical practices as "child abuse" and the other has something to do with trans kids and sports. I know I'm being a bit dismissive in even explaining this second bill, but that's the point; the first bill is amazingly cruel and the second one is amazingly pointless.

Let's ask a simple question. How does transgender persons living life their way affect your life in any way, shape, or form? It's kind of a dumb question because I already know it doesn't. Let people live their lives and don't fall for cheap political stunts like this.

Perry and other lawmakers need to be held accountable for the things they did not do that really affected our lives and not be allowed to play games with people's lives for their political benefit.


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