The storm system that brought severe weather to the South Plains reeked havoc across much of the country leaving in it's wake a critical need for blood donations.  Vitalant, the nation's second largest community blood service provider, issued a press release asking West Texans to help with the deficit in blood supply created as centers were closed and blood drives cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions.

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"We're strongly urging our donors to give blood now in support of these areas severely impacted by this storm and to rebuild the blood supply", said Heather Jex, donor recruitment manager. "The severity of this issue has the potential to negatively impact patient care. It's imperative that every person who feels healthy and is eligible gives blood now."

Donors of all blood types who are at least 16 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and in good general health should can find the nearest donation center here and schedule an appointment online.

Vitalant is already conducting a great campaign to #SaveTheHumans on social media.

Severe weather season will undoubtedly bring an increased need in blood donations so it would be a great idea to donate as soon and as often as allowed by medical professionals. You never know when you could be saving the life of someone that you love.  DONATE TODAY!

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