If you're from Lubbock and you've never been to Oriental Market on 50th street, you are absolutely missing out. Not only do they have items you won't find anywhere else, but the staff is also incredibly friendly and helpful. I've been shopping there more often lately, and I've been making some really incredible meals for my family and friends.

Growing up in Lubbock, my family pretty much cooked traditional Texas and American cuisine. There was a lot of cornbread and stew, mashed potatoes and steak, and macaroni and cheese. The closest thing I really had to Asian food was your standard buffet items, or a boring package of Top Ramen, prepared exactly like the instructions with no add-ins. I missed out on a world of delicious noodles, seafood, dumplings, sauces, seasonings, and desserts that you can find right here in Lubbock at Oriental Market.

When I go in to shop around, I've noticed it's usually pretty empty, and it really makes me sad that people are missing out on so many delicious meals. I think that perhaps it's intimidating to go into a store that specializes in a type of cuisine that you may not be familiar with. I challenge you to stimulate your palate and learn more about foods from other cultures with a trip over to Oriental Market.

They have so many interesting candies and drinks. I always have to grab a couple before I head to the checkout. They also have dishware and household items that you won't find at other stores. There is much more inside than you might think, and you should head over there to find something fabulous to make for your family tonight. You'll be hooked, immediately. I promise.

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