A Slaton ISD teacher is under fire after posting a distasteful and sexually degrading meme about the United States' first female vice president, Kamala Harris.

The teacher shared a sexually suggestive meme that has ruffled the feathers of many parents.

The meme shows a photo taken from the back of a statue depicting the moment in the Bible when Mary kneels down to wash Jesus' feet with her hair. The text on the meme reads: "They made a statue to honor Kamala Harris." The angle of the photograph, however, is meant to imply that a woman is performing oral sex on a man.

Beneath the post, which has seemingly been deleted, were comments from a few dozen people voicing their concerns with the meme.

"I have children that go to school in Slaton. They're young. This is so sick!"

"I just sent this to a teacher friend of mine in Slaton for her to forward to her principal."

"Very disappointing."

"That's awful!"

"Truly disgusting"

"This person does not need to be near children."

"I have a child at Slaton. I am not ok with this"

I contacted Slaton ISD for a statement and was told that while the school was aware of the situation, I would need to "speak with someone downtown," which I can only assume is because they're planning to release an official statement in regard to the incident.

Political views set aside, this meme is incredibly degrading to any woman that has worked hard to get to a position of authority. It has no place on the public timeline of a person trusted to educate future generations. It doesn't matter if you like our newly-elected public servants or not. The political garbage behind the post is only a small part of the problem.

It's simply sad that an educator is perpetuating the false narrative that women who succeed had to do a "little extra" to make it to the top.

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