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Last week The RockShow read about a 78-year-old man who was arrested for vandalizing his neighbor's grave... five years after the neighbor had died.

Joseph Stroud owns a farm in northwest Arkansas. And the man knows how to hold a grudge A former neighbor named Fred McKinney used to own the farm right next to him, and they didn't get along. There was even a lawsuit at one point, and Joseph lost.

Sadly, Fred passed away. But it looks like their feud lived on because Joseph just got arrested last week for vandalizing Fred's GRAVE, five years after he died.

Fred's family had been finding dead animals on the grave for a while, and thought maybe they died after eating some fake flowers they'd put down. But it kept happening, and they finally got it on camera.

It turns out Joseph had been visiting the grave and leaving dead animals while disguised as a WOMAN, so he wouldn't get caught. They got a shot of him in a wig and a women's windbreaker, and the cops arrested him last Monday.

He's facing charges for defacing objects of public respect, which is a felony in Arkansas. He's also on the hook for $2,500 in damages to Fred's gravestone.

So what is the pettiest thing our RoadCrew has done because of a grudge?

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