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A little jackassery never hurt anyone... well, not always. Even during this weird time of coronavirus being alone can be really fun or really awkward.

Speaking of fun and jackassery, if you haven't joined the RockShow RoadCrew group on Facebook, you're missing out. Wes and I have formed some really great bonds with people in the group and when a vaccine for the virus is finally available we plan to throw a great party and feast until we are filled with the best of all we have been missing.

But I digress. Recently we asked the RoadCrew to tell us about some of the weird things that they might get caught doing while nobody else is around. It really takes a group like this to get people to dive deep into sharing things that they wouldn't otherwise.

It is the RockShow after all, and if it's not weird or funny as hell we just won't have it.

Listen to some of the answers we received to this Smokin' Poll and share with us what weird things you do when nobody is around.

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