I can't believe that society has collapsed so low. Some buttface, or group of buttfaces, has vandalized the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue in Austin. What did SRV ever do to you except make you beautiful blues and sex music?

Some taggers in Austin thought they should put their stupid gang name on our guitar hero. It was Stevie's brother Jimmy Vaughan, from the Fabulous Thunderbirds and more, that posted the picture.

I personally think taggers are the worst of the low-life, small-time criminals douchebags. Not only do they think they own everything, but they make everything they tag ugly and gross. If they were to spray paint some actual art, I would have no problem with it. But these scumbags just put their gang sign, or stupid hood name, on our stuff!

This is not cool. Find these criminals and string them up by their music hating toenails immediately!

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