In my opinion, Victor Hernandez has found the perfect bait and switch. If he can open up a can of worms over language, he can take the spotlight off the fact that he is a tax cheat. Now, it is documented that his taxes went unpaid for a long, long time. That makes you a cheat. Maybe not a thief but a cheat. So now the city has to go through redistricting, and Hernandez is opening a debate over language.

KCBD is reporting

On his Facebook page Monday Hernandez invited comment with this question; "Should the City Council or shouldn't the City Council hire interpreters?"

Now let me point out that this is for redistricting hearings.  It's my feeling that anyone who is interested in American politics probably has already made some type of effort to learn English.  Now if there are some Spanish speaking only persons getting involved, it would be my opinion that Hernandez had them show up to help beef up his district numbers.

My point is this-there's no real reason for interpreters and this is a dodge to bring race into the fate of Victor Hernandez.  I think he wants to make the rest of the council seem racist for getting him kicked off the council for not paying his taxes.

I used to like this guy, I really did.

Maybe Taxman Max can get to Hernandez.

Or he can gripe about taxes more with SRV.

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