This former location of Hastings ( 50th & Indiana) here in Lubbock sat empty for an extended time. We all wondered- what will go in the building next? Some of us hoped for another entertainment store, while some wanted it to be a restaurant so badly that we assumed that's what's in there now. This is a question I recently saw asked on Facebook:

Just drove by the Planet Fitness on 50th and Indiana there is a new Mexican restaurant on that corner and it shows just opened does anybody know the name or has been there?

The question got a few light-hearted laugh reacts and a few comments that said, "I thought the same!" Turns out El Herradero is not a Mexican restaurant, it is a Western clothing store.

google maps
google maps

Before any of us get too judgey about this assumption, we do have a lot of Mexican restaurants that open up here in Lubbock. Additionally, herradero means "blacksmith" which is a little vague even if you know Spanish. Also, the building is now painted a chocolate brown which my brain thinks of as a "food" color, too.  It's not our fault we are so trained here in Lubbock!

Of course, once you get a little closer the sign clearly says "Western wear" on the building. Sorry if you were hoping for burritos, but you can get boots here.

Honestly, a clothing store makes way more sense for this building and this location, and I hope El Herradero has tremendous success, even if I can't add cheese to these Wranglers.

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