The NBA Playoffs were suspended, and so were some baseball games.

Right now, some professional sports are in limbo after teams decided to protest the latest shooting of a Black man by a police officer. I think they're taking entirely the wrong approach to this.

Let's start by saying that the police on the scene were immediately put on administrative leave and a federal investigation has been opened. I'm not sure what more people want at this point. You can't just arrest a policeman every time there is an incident. If, after an investigation, it's found he acted improperly, then I'm sure there will be no problem finding him. I just don't see how justice for the victim, if called for, can be done any quicker.

The problem the athletes are making is, if they walk off the court, then they lose their voice. Out of sight is out of mind. If they refuse to play because of injustice, then the TV stations will just put on a repeat of some old TV show and the topic is off the table.

If they show up and add their concerns in their interviews, at least their concerns are being heard.

Let's also not forget the American fatigue for this kind of thing. Momentum is an important thing, and if we start and stop these season multiple times (including the times they have to stop for coronavirus concerns), then everyone will lose interest.

Stepping out of the spotlight does nothing but turn the spotlight off. I hope these athletes will realize that they can accomplish more on the court and on the fields than they can sitting at home.

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