The pressing need to perfect Star Trek: Discovery as the franchise’s TV return is precisely what caused its numerous delays in the first place, but CBS may not have high confidence. Reports suggest Star Trek: Discovery reviews will be embargoed right up through the premiere.

Mind you, we’ve seen a number of TV projects hold back early reviews for spoilers’ sake; whether Showtime’s ultra-secretive Twin Peaks, or Game of Thrones declining critic screeners in its advanced age. That said, reports from Ain’t It Cool News and others suggest that CBS will only offer private screenings of Star Trek: Discovery before the September 24 premiere, and nonetheless embargo coverage until after the official release.

It’s an odd play, considering Star Trek: Discovery was meant to headline CBS’ All-Access service, before production delays forced them to slot Good Wife spinoff The Good Fight in its place earlier this year. Nothing about Star Trek: Discovery’s trailers or aggressive promotion from CBS necessarily suggests a misfire on par with Marvel’s The Inhumans, but some fans are likely tugging their collars that the first TV Trek series in a decade wouldn’t want as much advance analysis as possible. Declining reviews is almost unilaterally a bad sign, at least in the movies world.

We’ll find out (and hopefully tell you) sometime around September 24, but is there any reason to be concerned with Star Trek: Discovery, or is CBS that confident?

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