Last year, I made a simple resolution and I stuck with it. All I pledged to myself was that I was going to dress better. So all year long I wore a dress shirt, usually over a t-shirt. I believe this was the first resolution I've ever kept for a year.

Now, let's move onto something a little more challenging.

How about this year you resolve to have no more fights on Facebook? I understand that you have to defend your reputation and a few other things, but this simple resolution can save you hours, if not days or weeks, worth of time.

There are tons of people out there who will waste your day and stress you out for no reason. Somehow they get pleasure out of this, and it's really a little hard to understand why.

Mostly, it's over politics, and no one is really changing anyone's mind; they're just bickering back and forth. I don't get why any of us feel the need to poke at people like that. Look at it this way: If I was into bowling, I should join a bowling group and talk to those people about bowling. I shouldn't waste my town trying to get you to quit archery and take up bowling.

Here's a tip for you. Before you type anything snarky or in rebuttal on someone's page, say this out loud: 'I'm going to get into a Facebook fight.' When you say it out loud, it really sounds immature and dumb. It also helps to type up a response and then just not ever post it. Or take what would have been your response to that person and create a post for your page with it.

Good luck with this or any other resolution you may take up. I encourage you to improve your life in some small way. If nothing else, resolve to be happier in 2019.

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