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I'll admit it. I don't go out that much. I like spending my time alone in my apartment. It's pretty nice. However, occasionally I've been known to crawl out of my hole, and when it's not to go to work or go get groceries, it's usually so I can go to Stormcrow Games.

If you know me, you already know that I'm a loser who likes video games, anime, that kinda stuff. If you don't know me: Hello! I'm Luke, a loser who likes video games, anime, that kinda stuff. It probably won't surprise you to learn I also like trading card games.

I started playing the Pokémon card game around 2016, and every Saturday morning Stormcrow would have little store tournaments. I wasn't very good at the game, but I loved going there to play.

While I stopped playing Pokémon after a while, I stayed loyal to Stormcrow and picked up various other games, Magic: The Gathering, DragonBall Super, Song of Ice and Fire, UFS or Universus). To this day, it's where I go at least one day out of my week just to meet up with people and get some games in.

Stormcrow sells all kinds of tabletop gaming products. There's tons of miniatures to pick out, card sleeves, dice, D&D books, paint, playmats, etc.

Credit: ME

You can even buy single cards that they have in their display case. I took these pictures a few weeks before I wrote this, so if you see a card in the case you really want, don't get your hopes up. It's probably gone. Or maybe it's not? Maybe you should go check it out for yourself and see. That's what we in the trade call a marketing tactic, what I just did there.

Credit: Ain't these cards cool? Oh yeah, I TOOK THIS PICTURE

And here's where we actually play. Don't worry, the store's usually way more busy than this. I took this right before they closed for the day so my buddy Matt off to the side is just sad no one's there to play with him.

Credit: You'll never guess who took this picture

Stormcrow Games is located in the 2100 block of 50th Street in Lubbock in the little shopping center. It should be easy to find with the neat black sign they've got out in front.

It's somewhat of a small store, and it's customer base isn't huge, but the people who go there are all super friendly. The same goes for the staff. I love everyone who works there. They've been nothing but pleasant to me and everyone else that walks in.

If you're a creep and want to know when I'm there, I'm almost always playing Modern Magic Tuesday nights. Occasionally I'll be there Friday nights, too. If you wanna proxy up a deck, or you just have one ready to go, come on out and play with us! It's always nice to see new faces.

Also, before you go, check out their Facebook. They post pretty often about when they get new products in, which is useful if you're like me and get stressed out by calling businesses on the phone.

The owner, Aaron, gave me permission to write all this, so thanks, man! Hopefully I didn't do your store too much of a disservice by telling everyone about y'all. <3

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