I was fairly certain that all truckers knew the height and weight of their loads.

Nessmania & Pixlr
Nessmania & Pixlr

I live near what has to be the worst intersection in Lubbock. People have died there. There are wrecks on a real regular basis. All attempts to try to get people to take notice of other drivers have apparently failed. That same intersection also has a very low overpass, which I guess adds to the confusion or something.

The intersection is on the access roads to Interstate 27 and North Loop 289. It's a four way stop and more. Some of the ways through feature blinking red lights, all of the areas have stop signs with blinking red lights. The problem seems to be that people don't recognize that all of the roads are one way, and that in several places you have a stop sign, then another stop about a half dozen car lengths ahead. It's really hard to describe. I will also admit that I hitched a ride with a very seasoned driver just this past Saturday and he got confused an nearly ran one of those stop signs.

Now let's get to that low bridge. This bridge has been hit several (many?) times by vehicles that were too high. I see the damage they've done every single day, and I've seen crews on hands patching the damage after it's done. It would seem that this is a real trouble spot for truckers and maybe the height of the bridge should be posted a bit more in front before truckers get themselves into a situation they can't get out of.

Tuesday around noon I was headed home and on the side of the bridge heading parallel to the Interstate, by the R.V. lot was completely blocked off. Most of us drivers took a huge detour and after doubling back I was able to get a couple of pictures of what was going on. Apparently a windmill blade, with a tip a little higher than the front was stuck and/or scrapping the underside of the bridge. It may or may not have been happening midturn, because for some reason the vehicles that carry the wide load and caution signs, were blocking off the lane next to the truck.

I was only able to capture pictures from a distance, but that's really the only way you can see the enormity of the problem anyways. Here's a look:

Stuck Windmill Blade In Lubbock, Texas

Gallery Credit: Nessmania

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