There is a delightfully weird, shall we say, movement happening on Facebook.

It started only a few days ago, but thousands of people are coming together to deliciously mock one of the worst lyrics in rock history: "Suckin' on a chili dog, outside the Tastee Freeze." Even as a kid I found that line about as appealing as many find the word 'moist.' It should also be mentioned that sucking tubed meat is a major choking hazard and should not be done by anyone, even Jack or Diane. Please chew responsibly.

Hundreds of memes have been recently concocted on the topic of chili dog sucking, including some tried-and-true re-imaginings of classic meme formats. Here's a couple I really love:

Chili dog Meme
Chili dog meme
Chili Dog meme

Just making memes doesn't cut it, though. A huge part of the ultimate goal is to sneak the memes into John Mellencamp fan groups. Mellencamp is a particular favorite of the Boomer crowd, so their befuddlement and annoyance is yummy to most Millennials, myself included. Their angry responses get meme'd themselves, and the joyous cycle of completely stupid content creation continues.

How many memes can you make from one line of one song? Infinity, apparently. But if you need to go a little deeper into a lil' ditty, that's okay, too.

chili dog meme

If you'd like to join the Suckin on Chili Dogs movement, you can join the Facebook group. Hell, it's one of only a handful of reasons to be on Facebook anyway, along with the FMX Facebook page and as a source to find folks making tamales.

If you would like to (safely) suck on a chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze, Lubbock is blessed with multiple Wienerschnitzel/Tastee Freeze locations. Just be sure to show me the picture.

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