Lubbock is kind of freaking out at ERCOT for suggesting we turn our thermostats to 78 degrees and refrain from using household equipment that require a lot of power, like a washing machine.

Things are about to get real smelly and real sweaty, real quick.

It's pretty unsettling that at only two weeks into being part of the new ERCOT system, Lubbock residents are already being told to limit our power usage. It certainly doesn't give us any great comfort to hear that we are already cutting it close. The summer has just begun, and there are some insanely hot months ahead of us.

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It's just as vital to have air conditioning in the summer as it is to have heat in the winter, especially when you live in this climate. We can't simply open a window to let in a breeze that doesn't exist. Are we about to bust the dang grid already?

My house is intolerable with the thermostat set to 78 degrees, and it's not something that can be fixed with a little swamp cooler. I keep that bad boy set to 69 or else I turn into a cranky-ass monster, and I know I'm not alone. Heat and I do not go well together, and I flat out refuse to be overheated.

There are also tons of people in Lubbock who could be at risk if something goes horribly wrong.

It's almost like it was a bad idea to switch over to the new power grid that had an epic failure during the polar vortex which resulted in 57 people losing their lives...but what do I know? I just work here.


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