Walking around the South Plains Mall is something I love to do, in fact, I usually do it once a week. It's a great way to walk off a big lunch or dinner, and do some fun, casual shopping- all while in a large and well air-conditioned space.

Our mall has undergone some major changes over the years, in fact, it's currently undergoing a major remodeling project to convert the old Sears building into one giant Dillard's. And who could forget 10 years ago when we finally got a big, beautiful theater in our mall. Premiere Cinemas was an amazing addition.

However, with change comes loss, and I've taken a look at the mall stores we miss before. This time I want to focus specifically on the eats and treats we miss most at our Mall.

arno-senoner on Unsplash
arno-senoner on Unsplash

Take a tour through some of the restaurants we miss most at the South Plains Mall. There are many I wasn't able to include just because I had very little information on them, so let's give an honorable mention to Silver Dollar Saloon, Royal Burger, Wyatt's and any other place I failed to mention.

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