I put up a blog about Taryn Southern and her Maxim photo shoot a while back. I decided to learn more about her and what I found is AWESOME!!!!

First off she's smoking hot. And I'm glad I looked into it more too. I was originally just surfing around to put up some info about her on our sister site KISS FM. Much of what I found can't be put on that site, but since we're all dirty bastards here...its just fine.

Yes she was on American Idol, and yes she has a pop song out right now. It's called "Crush" and the video is below. Its about her stalking someone and I wish it was me. What else I found out about her is that she's also a comedian, and a dirty one too! She starred in a video with Scott Baio and DJ Lubel called "Wrong Hole." Yes, that wrong hole. Its amazing! And funny. Watch it here.

Along with "Wrong Hole," she has a bunch of other dirty comedy videos posted with such awesome names like:

"Google that S#!t"
"Remarkable Vagina"
"I Think I Farted"
"Bad Sex"
"The Boner Song" and many more.

She also has a comedy album coming out called "On My Face," and in 2010 she released the first video, "Keep It in Your Pants." Check out her YouTube page for more.

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