The project is called "Tech To Town".

kimberlykv, Flickr
kimberlykv, Flickr

Some people don't understand volunteering. They just think, "I'm not gonna work for free". I feel sorry for these folks because they'll never be a part of a larger community and/or understand the meaning it can give their lives.

It's my belief that "Tech To Town" serves a higher purpose and that's for students to realize that Lubbock is a real place with real people and the residents here aren't just their maids after they pick up and go home.

Student's will be volunteering for Tech To Town projects on April 7th, mostly (and ironically) undertaking clean-up projects. I hope that through this program that the students will feel a little closer to the city of Lubbock.

For some reason, despite all their awesome efforts to become ingrained in Lubbock, after the event, the students will then be punished with a country-western concert.  Maybe we can do better for them next year.

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