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When I was a kid, I spent most of my summer vacation at my grandmother's house in southern LA county. LA is a magical place for any kid, but as a young weirdo one of the first things I always wanted to do was head to a place called Lollicup. It was a boba tea place, full of amazing fun flavors like Honeydew and Kiwi, filled with fun little squishy balls at the bottom. I really enjoyed shooting them out of neon-colored, fat straws at parked cars and traffic signage. I never said I was a particularly well-behaved kid.

Now my hometown is host to a few boba tea places, which will soon include Pearl Tea (26th & Boston) in Tech Terrace. Tech Terrace is a special neighborhood that I love., full of professors and kids whose parents have a decent chunk of change and thinks it's reasonable to pay $1500 for rent in Lubbock Texas.

Pearl Tea is the sister location to West Straw's, which is located adjacent to Smoothie King on 19th Street and Marsha Sharp-ish.

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