It's too bad that the t.v. already got the name "Idiot Box" because I think computers should. Then again, we could lump t.v., computers, smartphones, and everything like them, "idiot boxes" and cover all of our bases at once.

So, I've become more particular about my internet experiences. I try not to post on other peoples timelines, especially if some "issue" is being discussed. I might leave a funny comment here and there but I try to leave it at that.

What I'm really talking about though when I say there are things "I will not do" is, participate in some of the ad-related or troll related behavior that's encouraged. So here's a short list of things that are often requested that "I will not do".

*I will not "finish the video after the ad"

*I will not give you "even one share to show I care".

*I will not count however many pictures you want me to count into my phone, then post that one.

*I will not send you thoughts and prayers, good vibes, or positive ju-ju (if I care about you, I will personally reach out to you).

*I will not "continue the slideshow next".

*I will not do your homework for you by linking sources, etc. If you don't believe what I say, you prove me wrong, I don't have to prove me right.

*I will not "tag someone who needs to see this".

*I will not respond to a mass invite that you knew I wasn't going to go to anyways (I get tons of invites to EDM stuff, do I even look a little like a guy who would go to one of those shows?).

*I will not like anything you ask me to like. I will only like things that I like if I like them.

*I'm not even going to respond to asinine memes like, "One of these has to go...", "Would you punch somebody for this thing" or "Post this and if 30 minutes someone else doesn't do something then they owe you..."

So that's my list of stuff "I will not do". Do you have anything to add to it?

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