Well, this is a tough ask, now isn't it?

I know you want what you want and who you want, but aren't you a little tired of this prohibition on weed? Aren't we tired of the crime that keeping it illegal creates? Maybe you're even tired of being treated as a criminal because you want to relax every now and then.

It's hard to find a person out there who hasn't tried marijuana in some shape or form. We know that it does little to no harm, otherwise the streets would be full of raging lunatics right now.

This is something that most Texans want, but our current leaders say we can't have. I don't think we need Texas to be a nanny state and tell us what's good for us and what's not. I think the adults here are more than capable of making their own decisions.

Here's the rub: you're going to have to cross the political aisle if you want this to happen. You have to vote blue if you want this to happen. The red team has shown and has stated that they will kill any effort to get this done.

So think about it. If we take this genie out of the bottle and our farmers start making money and our economies grow, then that genie is out forever. Do it for yourself, do it for those people whose lives were ruined due to arrests, and do it for the farmers and Texas economy. Just flip that political script one time and we'll get sensible marijuana laws and legalization in the Lone Star State.

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