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Dr. Pepper has a new flavor that I have been hunting for in stores with an intensity and passion that surprises even me. Luckily, I finally found my 12-pack at my neighborhood Market Street.

Perfect for Valentine's in aesthetically pleasing pink, let me introduce you to your new flavor obsession: Dr. Pepper Starberries & Cream.


Dr. Pepper/ Seven Up
Dr. Pepper/ Seven Up

If you've seen folks posting about this new flavor on social media, let me tell you, it is worth the hype. I am 100% a "Zero Sugar" person, so this review is for the Zero Sugar version. No carbs or calories? Yes, please!

I have had every flavor of Zero Sugar Dr. Pepper- from original, cherry, and cream soda. Strawberries and Cream is most certainly my favorite flavor du jour. Only time will tell if it can beat out my long-time favorite- Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda.

None of the Zero Sugar flavors taste "diet" to me. I don't necessarily hate that "diet" taste in a soda, but it is sort of- metallic. Car battery? Ozone, perhaps? Zero Sugar DDP is mellow and the cream flavors taste surprisingly rich. You really can taste the strawberry in Strawberries and Cream, but it does not overwhelm the cream flavor or the Dr. Pepper flavor. It is remarkably well-balanced.

I really hope this will not end up a "limited" or seasonal soda flavor, because I will happily pick up a 12-pack of Strawberries and Cream every time I buy soda, as long as it is available.

Try it, I think you will love it. It's my perfect Valentine this year.

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