How would you ever justify showing up to a church where the pastor was arrested for pedophilia?


Mostly Empty

It's understood that a person is a person and a building is a building, but it would be logical to think that the building would be empty after a pastor is exposed for pedophilia. A picture shows that most of the 8,000-person capacity church is empty, but how the few could show up is beyond me. It should be noted that there are six locations of the Gateway Church and at least one was "packed" when church leaders addressed the scandal.

The Pastor

Pastor Robert Morris who founded the Gateway Church In Grapevine, Texas was accused of molesting a young girl in the 80s, and though the situation was brought up, nothing was done about it. The victim claims the abuse went on for about five years, beginning when she was just 12-years-old. The situation gets worse, as some church elders say they were aware there was a situation but didn't realize how young the girl was. Morris initially stepped away from the church for two years before returning to the pulpit.

The Picture

We cannot verify the accuracy of the picture posted on Reddit, but you can see it here. It shows a huge, mostly empty church with someone addressing the crowd from the stage. The picture claims that it is the church where Morris was the pastor. The church has also been protested as of late by people upset that that Morris was allowed to enrich himself to the tune of $100 million dollars, after admitting to molesting the girl. Roberts resigned from the church last week and there are calls for the elders who knew about the scandal to be punished as well.

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